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There are thousands of factories in China so why choose us?

Company stability: Compared to Western countries is very quick and easy in China to start and close down factories. The factories in China most often have a very complicated owner and management structure. Yuen Kong is a wholly family owned and run company that has operated for more than 25 years.
Low staff turnover: One of the biggest issues facing most factories in China is the high turnover of staff (up to 50%) which can greatly affect the quality and efficiency of the factory. In Yuen Kong our turnover of staff in 2010 was 3% which can be attributed to the strong family culture of the company.
English communication: Projects managed by an English speaking engineer. The biggest frustration with dealing with Chinese factories is the inability to communicate freely in English about your technical requirements. Usually communication is done through a sales person who recently graduated from college and majored in English but now is responsible for translating between yourself and the engineers and managing your project.
IP security management: A major concern for our customers is the protection of their IP during the product development phase. We take the IP security very seriously and we are currently implementing ISO 27001 certification (planned completion date Q4 2011).
Reduced product development costs: Typically products are fully designed and multiple prototypes produced before the factory is asked to review the design. This design process has the following disadvantages:
1) Process selection - Wrong process selection can lead to higher manufacturing costs and a risk of the end product not meeting expectations. Manufacturing/engineering consultants are employed to recommend processes although they are often not familiar design for manufacture in Asia and therefore don't know the Chinese processing costs. We can offer free advice from the initial prototyping stage to prevent you making the wrong decision from the start rather than when it too late after you have spent a lot of time and money finalising your design.
2) Material selection - Selecting the incorrect material can not only affect the performance and compliance of the product but it greatly increase the part and tooling costs. We have a have a lot of experience over a broad range of materials (completed more than 4000 tooling projects) so we can help you make the right choice.
3) Prototyping - With advancement of modern prototyping techniques it is now possible to produce samples which were once impossible to manufacture. The disadvantage is that multiple design levels of prototypes are produced only to discover that design has to change again so that it can be successfully manufactured. 95% of the customer's designs we receive for tooling manufacture are not ready. We can save you time and money by offering free advice at the prototyping stage and avoid costly mistakes.
4) Design for Manufacture (DFM): Products are not often designed by tool designers and so the final part design can designed in a way that add unneccesary complexity and cost to the tools. Unlike many other tool makers in China we will offer advice on how to reduce the tooling costs by altering the part design or designing family tools where possible.
5) Design for Assembly (DFA): We have a lot of experience in assembling fully assembled and packaged products for both the local and overseas market from children's toys to tablet computers and mobile phones. With the lower labour rates in Asia some assembly techniques that would not be viable in the West are viable here and can provide a cheaper and higher quality solution.
Get your product to market faster: The advantages of a collaborative approach to product development with a factory from prototyping to productionisation is that the iteration process can be greatly reduced and therefore the lead times. Our factory operates 24 hours, 7 days per week with an uninterrupted supply of power unlike most other factories in China.
Reduced project management costs: With professional Western engineers managing your project there is no need for expensive trips to China to inspect trials and shipments. Complex assemblies require the sourcing of components from many different suppliers and so managing quality and logistics between factories can be very time consuming. We can eliminate this hassle for you at probably a better price than you could get if you go direct to the suppliers.